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Original art is amazing art.
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I fav. A lot.
but that's only because there is so much on this site that I want to come back to, or remember, or congratulate, or share with others....
so yeah, thousands of things and thousands more to be added



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I don't know if I want to upload here anymore.
Please read Billy Bat.  I caught up with the most recent volume tonight and cried real tears at the end.  It was a good time.
Pink -M- (commission me!) by imjustellingyou
Pink -M- (commission me!)
Hello here's a quick drawing
I'm alive and I'm making art in 2016 despite what my deviantart looks like


This is Matthieu Chedid/-M- and he is my FAVORITE musician

If you would like a quick painting like this, I will create one for you for only 10 dollars!  
I'll make an official post about that eventually, but if you're interested, message me!


You can find my recent art 

and here:…
Who is active on here??????????  Who wants to commission me?????????  I'll post some art to real y'all in soon probably maybe who knows


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey, i'm Jackie. I'm your typical, working-to-improve, young artist. I'm a studio art major at University of Maryland with passions for art history and bigfoot.

I've kinda dropped off in my presence on deviantART over the last year, but never fear for I am still making art!!
If I update, it's going to be on my (tumblr)

If you're interested in Adventure Time Theories, well check out my (other blog)
(it's really good...go on!!!)

This is my best bro right here: :iconichigotakatsuki:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Oh my god guys I am literally covered in paint.  It's been a while.


I've changed my tumblr url recently, so I thought I'd give that an update here.  You can still get to my blog through the old url too.


and for art

I also run an Adventure Time theory blog

And lately I've been Livestreaming

Conrad is my favorite character from my favorite (DWJ) book.  Everyone give the Chrestomanci series a read, PLEASE!  


KATSUCON starts this Friday!  My friend and I have a secured a panel for late Friday night (subject to change, but unlikely).  Keep a look out for our Adventure Time Theories panel and come say hi!  We're going to have a meet up at some point, but I'll have to check back on that with Azusa.

Keep updated on our blog adventuretimeconspiracies.tumb…

I'm changing my cosplay line up

Friday: Finn the Human (for the millionth time gah)

Saturday: Isana from Oumagadoki Doubutsuen (Crazy Zoo???)

Sunday: ????????


In personal news:

I've started  a new semester in college.  I'm taking 2 art history classes, and both are pretty great.  I'm getting involved with the radio station too, and will be applying for a job as a DJ this week.

Other things: I wonder if anyone who actually will read this remembers when I obsessed over Count of Monte Cristo.  Well, recently I've had a major thirst for dumb and fancy French men so I started reading again.  I'm actually surprised I had so much trouble with it before,  because now it's pretty easy to read.  

I've also started getting into a number of series, which is something that hasn't happened to me in a long time.  Watched Sleepy Hollow and The Mindy Project this past season, and the first season of American Horror Story.  I'm almost done watching Daria (which is ridiculously good) and Lupin III Part 2 (Red Jacket). 

And mangas.  Boy did I read mangas over winter break. 

Billy Bat (this is ongoing), Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (only made it into part 2), ZATCH BELL (<3 so perfect I can't even say...reached ch 200)

but I didn't get around to reading some that I started ages ago, like Oyasumi Punpun...and some others that I can't even remember right now.

My friends and I have "anime night" every Friday--we've been working on His and Her Circumstances for MONTHS.  It's short, old, and cheaply made, but really truly good most of the time.  Yukino and Arima's relationship kills me with how sweet it is.

Ok I'm done rambling.  If you really care about what I like, my tumblr is linked above.

  • Listening to: LISTEN IT'S GOOD
  • Reading: "June 2012 North American Derecho Storm"
  • Watching: red jacket lupin
  • Eating: eat clam chowder guys it's so filling it's crazy
  • Drinking: peppermint-herb tea

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ps: I don't really visit deviantart often enough to keep up with a conversation here, especially during there another site/program we can use? Do you have skype?
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